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About Me

I’ve spent nearly fifteen years behind a camera.  My passion is in portrait and headshot photography, but I’ve regularly worked in the commercial and PR spaces. My clients have ranged from individuals on private commissions, to actors, drama schools, musicians, and corporate clients, as well as well known international chains and brands for commercial work.

I love playing with light, and will jump at any opportunity to create something cool and funky with you.  I love dramatic and bold colours – I’ve spent much of my life creating things with light for the stage and screen.

So don’t hesitate to get in touch, especially if you’re looking for a funky and modern take on your images.

You can reach me via any of my social media accounts, or with the details here. I’m based in Glasgow, Scotland, though I do travel extensively throughout the UK, so location isn’t a big issue. I really enjoy new challenges and locations, so feel free to drop me a line no matter where you’re from if you want to set up a shoot.  Please note that I am very much a street and location photographer, and don’t run a permanent studio.



3/2, 5 Richmond Park Gardens, Glasgow, G5 0HG


(+44) 7763746611