The beginning: the X-E3

November 2, 2019

Ok, so let me start this off by admitting this isn’t quite my beginning with Fujifilm.

My first (digital) camera that wasn’t a compact was a Fujifilm – back in 2005, the S9500 was a 9mp bridge camera that is quite literally responsible for everything you see on this website now, and everything that I do – it was the camera that got me hooked on my photographic journey.

Obviously, that was another jump I made, from Fuji to Canon – but that one was with less commitment and baggage to deal with on the way. Anyway – that jump is lost in time, so let’s leave it where it is.

Back to the little camera that changed my mind.

I wasn’t looking for a replacement for the A6300 when the X-E3 came along. I had resigned myself to just admitting it wasn’t the solution I hoped, and it just didn’t work for me. I’d barely touched the Sony in months. But I came across the X-E3 in some adverts online and my curiosity had been peaked.

Small (like the Sony), incredibly cute (less like the Sony), it was a name I trusted and knew, and if I wanted to… trade in options were open to me with Wex. So I had a shot on a demo camera in-store.. well, at Jessops anyway. I loved it. But I’d been there before. I really liked the Sony to start with. I loved the EVF. I felt all the buttons were in the right places under my fingers and I spent some time going through the menus. I could find everything. Everything I looked for. And it all had sensible names, ones that didn’t confuse me or have too many sub, sub, sub menus. It just felt much more intuitive, and familiar. Much more me.

So I left it in Jessops. And went onto the Wex website, and arranged a trade in for my little Sony and the couple of lenses I had for it. Sorry Jessops, it was just much easier with Wex at the time!

Trade in done, one X-E3 and 23mm f/2 lens en route. One beautiful, shiny black Fujifilm box arrived at the door.

I took it out with me for a walk around Glasgow city centre at night. Of course, I didn’t read the manual or anything stupid like that, I just wanted to see if i could do what I wanted to do easily, and without thinking too much,

An unequivocal yes. No problems finding anything, all I wanted to do was at hand, and a couple of tweaks I wanted to make were easy to set up straight away. I wanted to adjust the auto ISO settings… it took ten seconds. I changed the directional swipe actions on the screen to work better for my weird brain – boom, done.

And god, did I love the images. Of course I set the film emulation to Velvia. Of course I played around with the Acros emulations, and then I found Classic Chrome. I think since my first time using the camera, and right up to this day – my default, go-to film emulation is CC. I love it.

Of course, when I received the camera it was a wet and miserable night (I’m in Scotland after all), so you can forgive me for taking a break from my walk and dropping into a McDonalds for a coffee to warm myself up. And maybe some Chicken McNuggets.. I don’t recall. But I do remember being quickly able to transfer a couple of images from the X-E3 to my phone and post on Instagram while I warmed up my fingers.

I was hooked.

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